RING Spotlight Cam, waste of money….

We have two, one has the floodlights an one just has the regular lights, but the cameras are the same….

Repeatedly the damn thing goes offline an what a pain in the ass to get them back online, especially if they are out of reach to hit reset….

My recommendation….. Don’t waste your money…..

The software used for the devices has a major problem…. I have four regular security cameras no sound, but great day an excellent night vision an good distance….

Not so with the RING device…..

If I had a option to return for full refund, I would…. an I wouldn’t waste money on these devices until they fix the software an improve the device, right now, its just a visual deterrent…..

The alarms are like a child’s toy, will have no impact on scaring anyone away…..

So we ordered an outdoor alarm that should be nice an loud…. RING, more a toy than security device….

Save your money an try a different company….

Adorable Spite….