I should but I’m not gonna….

We called the cops… My last choice on trying to put a stop to the bangers….

Foreclosure property is occupied an maybe shouldn’t be, but we know the previous occupant an its his kid…but engine repair at 1AM, not an option for staying on the land…

As for the Aloha bangers, as with any noise ordinance, they usually have to be caught in the act… had a good system set up in New Mexico…here, technically its worse, but newer, go figure…

So cops are coming by, we will start the process of complaints for terroristic behavior towards seniors an the disabled… we may look able an we are, but by law…. it protects us regardless how we look…..

So law involved, a war that will continue till I win, like I did in Arkansas an New Mexico… Peeps found out, if I can take the government on…children really are childs play….

Remember I read law….. it does come in handy, an today starts that process of teaching children how to treat Kapuna on Hawaii….

Adorable Spite…. well I started it after they assaulted us in our home an I will finish it in court testifying against them…yea for Aloha….