Word Press censorship…

So kiddos, who is playing god with my blog??? Is it Word Press or its parent company….

What I see is moderators or censors reviewing my blog for probability of possibility of liability against Word Press

Now I haven’t set up analytics or done any tracking on IPs that hit my blog… can I??? What do you think?!?!?

So I will continue to watch the corruption of our democracy an watch… how this company censors its users that are paying customers….

When children play god, well, the parents usually steps in an sets things straight with the truth ….

Truth used to have value, honesty used to have value, ethics an morality used to have value…but not to those who have full closets…..

Religion is only as good as the messengers an the god… the only messengers I have seen in life an death…..HUMAN…. not one god appeared when I died….. but humans did….

Adorable Spite…. still trying to get my foot out of mans gods ass…