Sad face of Hawaii… Bangers…

Last time about the topic, happens when sleep deprived, want to fixate, just a tad….

But, we look at it from this point of view….

The children who are middle aged adults that are trying to punish us, haven’t a clue…. why???

Because that noise for one thing is damaging the hearing they have left an the vibration, actually impacts the human body….

So, yes they annoy us… but in reality, they are exposing Hawaii’s ugly side, which is on all islands an the bullies that call themselves Hawaiians….

Personally, we are looking forward to selling an leaving… To many states cater to this behavior which escalates into more dangerous behavior… Psychology 101….

Play with the kids, probably, just to see if it plays out like I think it will… But, encouraging the behavior I will not, because the reality is, that noise will keep them from hearing emergency service vehicles an that rig on an island, may damn well be carrying their spouse, kid or parent an they don’t move over, because they can get away with being a bully banger on Hawaii….an the person in the ambulance expires, just so they could bang noise….Yep logical sense to me, just like Trump makes….

You can’t fix stupid stupid has to want to be fixed, an truly, that will never happen, so have fun while you can at their expense….

Adorable Spite….