I’m NOT Telling….

Hubby, getting ready to go get mail an veggies and I told him… something about nothing…. and my next line caught him by surprise, because he thought differently and you could tell by the surprise in his voice…

I said… “I don’t talk about everything, what I have told you, is what you can read in the bible or any book written by any other human out there, not all things that happened to me, are comfortable to talk about”….

To me, when Suzy, said my story was to hard to read because it was difficult, I thought, but I haven’t told all the story, I just barely scraped the surface, I didn’t give out more information or horror stories than what was in the bible… have you read the bible??? I have… an my story is equal to it’s writing, except mine is the truth and the bible is based on just that… Stories…

Maybe that is why I felt so insulted and dismissed by Suzy… I trusted her, until the moment I asked for help an got rejected… by that time, it was too late, I had given of my time, my health and my property…. I figured wrong on the true ethics and morals of the person I was associating with… which is why the relationship became a chore… and not a relationship… deceit was in the mix and not from me…

I find it hard to have empathy to most stories out there about abuse, be it physical, psychological or domestic, war….. not because my emotions shut down… but because I hear lines like….

“Your story is to difficult to read”….

I get the con… I’ve watched the con my whole life and decided I wanted what I was born with and not what I was fed…

I wanted my humanity, not man’s man made gods and beliefs and fears….

I wanted my humanity….

Well we aren’t suppose to be individuals, because if we were individuals the evangelicals would never make any money….

Enough said…

So no, I do not talk about everything… What I have shared, is nothing compared to the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say… I do miss his show… on the radio…

Not all is as it appears and you only know as much as I tell you… an just like Suzy, no one has bothered to really earn my trust… I thought I had a sis, but just like the blood, not all is as it seems… so, not even to hubby, am I willing to share all….

That would be for the book and after the deaths of the ones that did it… because they would fight me in court and dead, they are harmless, not that they ever were….

Adorable Spite, I remember…. Margie…

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