Screaming Rape worked….

Rape comes in many forms, physical, where someone takes pleasure from your body an leaves you hanging….

Another form of rape is verbal abuse….

Another form of rape is taking a woman’s reproductive rights an make it politics….

Another form of rape, people entering your home with noise in violation of laws an you ask they to quit an you tell them no… an they boom Boom BOOM into your bedroom…

Well…. I yelled rape every time some dumb ass mother fucker drove down Makuu street an decided they had a right to enter my home like rapist do, by entering my body…. NO!!! Means NO!!!!

We haven’t heard a banger since my last yelling yesterday afternoon…

You can rape me with your words of envy an hate… you can rape my body by fucking it an you can rape my home an think your rights are greater than mine….

We are all human, I don’t give a damn about your politics, religion, superstition or monetary status….

My NO has value, you being embarrassed for getting caught makes you a criminal….

America was founded on laws, an this veteran, woman an pilgrim descendant is making NO the new normal to corrupt christians…

SGT USAF DAV I remember Margie….

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