No rhyme or reason….

Almost asleep an the boom, Boom BOOM as they turn onto our dirt road… a deliberate action, as all lights are off… the aloha message received an understood… the person bullied at 11:11PM, because they could an did….

Sleep has now eluded me as the night moves on…

The sound of the waves crashing on Makuu cliffs, the soft sounds of frogs, with a mating call upon the night….

Another driver goes down the dark Makuu street, seeking sleep after a long day…

People abuse other people because they can an will… something I am all to familiar with…

Word from home on the devastating fire, so much life loss because of human inaction…. our child crushed by the inhumanity of ignorance…. yet she fears a vaccine that can save human life….

Repeatedly tonight, I have gone to this site to delete it… withdraw from the lack of humanity that religion is spreading…. I feel the urge an desire to withdraw an disappear into the humanity fighting for life….

I long for the silence of indifference that I have always known… known until someone wanted from me…

The cry of the nightlife grows louder an my desire turns to a want for peace an quiet… the stars twinkle as they wake ….

Anonymity is a desire awakening… the story has been told an the message heard… it is time to close this chapter an move on….

I remember Margie….

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