So excited…

Instead of waiting, when we go over for my pre op, we are picking up the flooring for the bedrooms…. no more cheap carpet….

That means between now an November, I will be boxing stuff up an taking extra furniture an putting them in the storage sheds….an make room for the flooring we will put in, after doc says I can be physical, so probably December we will finish the pergo flooring an no more funky cheap carpet an pad…

After that is done an painting, we will be ready to sell this house, after we find one to buy…

Finding a big new house in the perfect location is not going to be easy on an island…. but hey, we don’t have lots of people here buying into Qanon or Antifa an churches are not on every corner… so buying another home here is safer than the crazies on the mainland who believe in gods, magic an mystical gossip an rape being immaculate….

Yep life is safer on Hawaii because superstition here is the norm…its just bat shit crazy on the mainland…….

Adorable Spite… looking for my forever home on Hawaii….

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