The Hardest Part of this Journey???

Justification… falling into the same trap christians fell into… they justify every action, be it good or bad an say, god will forgive me for not bothering to think it through before I rape, lied, stole, cheated, murdered…. Justification is a christian trait an not one I have respect for or want… so why the confab.???…

Have I done just that??? Have I justified or have I shown the forest for the trees…???

I guess it depends how far you have grown in life as a person… can you tell the difference of experiences versus opinions???

We all have opinions… I have trillions of them, doesn’t make them right, doesn’t make them wrong… we are individuals an we are all allowed our opinions… it’s just that some of us offer them without being asked… like the last write was about… the person gave an opinion that we were suppose to act upon… an life just doesn’t work like that… but christians and manipulation do and psychology will tell you straight up… do not try and sway them away from religion, it is a mental illness an delusion… so what do you do… you end relationships, because they refuse to grow and cling to gods an you cling to reality… see… an opinion… or justification…???

My body carries the marks of christians opinions, so when they refuse to work with me, but against me… we are done… just that simple and so many people who say they aren’t, are closet christians… it shows in the way they judge others… I know, got that experience last year, first hand…

Ewww…. my mind just flashed on the rape that gave me my first child… never know when the ugly memory will show up… PTSD because of rape… yep, I did those nightmares… haven’t had one in a long time… wonder if that was a flash telling me the man is dead, his time on earth is over an I was his last thought…. got goose bumps yet????

What I set down to write, justifying anything… I work hard not to do that, because it will only take one justification to cost someone their life…

I’ve had mine stolen, I don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s… just because I could justify it like Trump is doing with 191,000 lives an counting… the worse of liars, the worse of humanity, the worse that christians could put out for the public to see their corruption in it’s full form… an it’s costing you, your mother, father, brother, sister, auntie, uncle an granchild….

Just so you could justify owning my female body parts… an people really think slavery is dead??? Not while white man tricks the black man into believing the golden calf is a god… and Trump and evangelicals should be run out of the nation for the lives they cost… just to own my body…

I am woman, hear me roar over the justification of murder by christians…

Adorable Spite… watching Never Never land go down the drain….

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