Antifa rumors…

Ever hear, loose lips sink ships????

That saying was used as early as the 70’s to put a stop to rampant rumors based on gossip….

We talked with our daughter an out of her mouth came, they are saying Antifa set the fire up there….. 🤨🤨🤨

Okay she is to old for the mouth an soap routine, she is to old for, don’t believe everything you read or hear… an she still spouts dangerous gossip….

Social platforms are beyond dangerous, it is sealing our choice of where not to live an if our kid is going to live her life based on social media platforms… well, guess we’ll meet in the Matrix some day!!!

Honest you can’t fix stupid, even your own blood!!! So over people who live by fear an gossip an gods….

Adorable Spite looking for a forever home among reality…..

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