How many lives to own my reproductive rights??? 190,000 an counting….

Ya know, I got a gift, I was born with it an I have used it my whole life… on occasions that gift was ignored and it cost me dearly…. as an adult… as a child, I saw the forest for the trees, because I got to see death up close an personal… by the time I left home at 18 years old, I was walking through life with multiple strokes, multiple traumatic brain injuries and a body with blunt force trauma from my head to my toes and I find out… Peggy got slapped once…

Domestic violence is an old song and christians use their religion to hide the shame of what they perceive as sins, when in reality, most of them are flat out crimes against humanity… and every person that ever hurt me, was a white christian… EVERY crime done, was by a white person, who called themselves christians…

Have you noticed??? President Trump has done the exact same thing to America an you are letting him get away with it, because you call yourself christian and don’t want your crimes exposed, because your god will forgive you…

Will the 190,000 Americans and counting dying, daily, forgive you??? Will the white man’s god stop the carnage??? Will the white mans god own their lives or go down, doubling down, only because of that closet of sin that may or may not be crimes against humanity or may be nothing more than a perverse addiction to sex an it’s many pleasures…

No matter how you toss the salad in America… Christians have been dismantling our democracy for decades… just so they can buy the presidency and tell this American Veteran she has no say over her reproductive rights…. But Jerry Falwell can hand the presidency over to corrupt christians???

Sound like the Salem Witch Trials to me or the Spanish Inquisition or the Holocaust… or the locking up of chinese who don’t believe like that president believes…

America was built on democracy and all christians have done, lie about our history, lie about their man made god and lie about what they are really doing behind closed doors, just so they can tell American women, we have no say over our bodies….

SGT USAF DAV I remember….

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