Pasty White Men… ewwwww

The article talks about Trump an his disparaging remarks about veterans like me…

Ya know I got raped in the Air Force by “Pasty white men”….

No clue about you, but McConnell is a pasty white man, Supreme court judge Kavanaugh is a pasty white man, AG Barr is a pasty white man, Pres Trump is a pasty white man an the Pope is a pasty white man… ALL who believe rape is immaculate an my body an reproductive organs are not mine…. an now Barr is Trumps private attorney, which makes pasty white men gods….

I personally, as a descendant of pilgrims, cuz George, cuz Franklin, Granpa Morton, to name a few of the blue bloods in my family…. find pasty white men, devil incarnate……

That is just the personal opinion of this human who wore a military uniform voluntarily an proudly an still got raped by pasty white men….

Did I ever mention any other human touching me in harm other than pasty white christians????.

Remarkable that 66 years of life on this planet an the only people to hurt me… white pasty men an women christians an U.S. government employees…. ALL WHITE AMERICANS…..

SGT USAF DAV Survivor of christians worse.., rape an murder, by white people….

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