S. O. B…

We got a call from the previous owner where his kid an her friends are squatting, an he kept going on an we caught about one out of five words, he is from the Philippines an his accent is real strong, so its hit an miss sometimes…but we had a good laugh, it was his brats friends that I gave a new asshole….

That being said, we were in bed before ten an… drum roll please….

I rolled out of bed at six AM….I got some much needed sleep…the most I saw last night, kitchen for water, bathroom to give up that water….

At least the previous owner had a laugh with us… you know the saying, keep your friends close an your enemies closer…

We had a banger around eight PM an I shouted at them in Hawaiian they were bullies an hubby called cops, odd thing is, they shut it down an we heard zero banging after the cops patrolled the neighborhood…

Neighborhood watch is a joke…our persistence is what is cleaning up the neighborhood…. not praying to gods that are man made.. nope we are making our own peace an enforcing the laws our nation was built upon an an burying the raping god Trump an christians worship….

Going to be a hot, hot day… but I got sleep, so let it bake….

Have a good one, we lost another veteran because of christians stupidity an bigotry…but hey, as long as you get to bitch, its all good…

SGT USAF DAV I remember Margie…..

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