Wide Awake

midnight madness….

How or what I hit my leg on, no clue… So mad, didn’t know I had the injury till it started hurting…

The crotch rocket, lives down our dead end road… an we are not sure what house, so hunting an figuring it out, so cops can be sent to have a lil visit with asshole….

Out of all the countries an states I have lived in, Hawaii is the worse for lawless an just flat out bullying, because they can an do…its the culture for all the aloha hype, it is the culture an ignorance of the uneducated….

Well this bitch just sent hubby to bed, because I don’t do sleep meds this late at night, so my day has already started, while everyone around me sleeps….

Our next home, will be in the middle of bumfuck no where an quiet…

So over ignorance an stupid….

Adorable Spite….. space ship come back an get the stupid you dumped here….

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