Did you know???


This is just a link to a USA government web site that goes into detail what is considered a hazard with noise…

Now the hooker an the drug pimps, the cops are aware an doing what they do best… waiting to bust when the time is right to take down as many as possible…Covid19 changed the rules an I accept that, they did stay quiet last night, but, damn, did I see lots of traffic from 2AM till just a few minutes ago when daylight hit…

Cops are being called, we will ask them to drive the road an show a presence, as the crotch rocket rider did hear me…told ya, I got vocals…

Other than that, its take a nap, again an hope tonight sleep happens or crotch rocket blows up… Either is acceptable….

Long day ahead, body very unhappy an autonomic neuropathies are having fun with my insides.., at least I know why the body is doing it… went decades not knowing while the living slept like babies, huh mommy dearest… oh an Peggy got slapped once…

Yep gonna be that kind of day as I turn heating pad up…

Adorable Spite… looking for a forever home….

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