Abner come look…..

Oh geez, hubby better get up soon, my ability to muffle the laughter as I get more punchy from true lack of sleep… I flashed on Bewitch an the nosey neighbor Gladys an Abner….

If I had a loud speaker, Ring is a joke, but if I had a bull horn, I can only imagine what would come out of my mouth like I yelled at crotch rocket a couple hours ago….

Better to go hunting an let cops have a talk, but the neighbors know, I am fed up with the noise an bull shit… but, I can only go so far, before I put us in danger… an then I look at my big boy snoring on the floor, naw, they need to fear us….

Time for a second cup of coffee an finish watching Americas fears play out in front of the world….

Adorable Spite… tooooo early…

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