Coming to a close???

As we walk though life, we will close many doors along the way… some will be closed for lack of participation… some will be closed because of death and some will be closed, because you had no control over them to begin with…

No bangers last night, or at least, they got within a few hundred feet and turned it down an went to the squatters place… an that was the last of the noise, until he woke me up at 4:00AM…. so over stupid… but then again, he may not realize his starter needs a new one, because he broke a tooth off in it an it sounds like it’s being constantly revved up… helps, when you are married to a mechanic… after a few touches of the button, it got quiet for a few seconds an the roosters started… an I doze off for a little more sleep, not restful, but eyes closed and brain off…

This morning hubby saw one of the girls, walk towards the squatters house and get a base ball bat an turn around an walk back down 8th Ave… we heard gun fire last night, so, someone getting a baseball bat next, not a surprise… an a car just passed another rig on the road illegally… wow, stupid is happening this weekend… an we are on partial lock down again… an another veteran died…

Not surprised with the Russians duping people into writing for their bull shit… told ya crap was happening… I kept getting bugged to write… not interested… I do this on my terms and not interested in anyone else’s agenda… christians have a monopoly on agendas anyway….

I think hubby has been waiting on me to let go of what I had hoped for… an I’m to that place… we really haven’t decided where to move to, when isn’t up to us.. but where… an into what, that is what we need a swamy for….

I’m more concerned with the loss of income, so we are planning for just that scenario… if you thought I was kidding about what is coming… that’s okay, everything else I wrote about came true… go dig into that fictional book the bible, it has all the answers, for mind control…. Qanon is just another example of Face book an Twitter’s influence on America’s democracy… an the Russians are being handed our democracy…

The day has been well started an already heating up… have a safe labor day weekend, do what is right for you and yours by following the guidelines of your health pro’s in your area… got a feeling, cops will be going to our cliffs this weekend, you can fish for food, but no playing, unless you are in the water… may be a quiet weekend after all, that would be refreshing… but the AC will be on, no trade winds, so we are going to be hot an it’s quieter, but we only cool one room, so, it gets boring….

Have a good one an safe one…

Waiting on Orengon VA to send me the MRI report… or call me, we figured out, the MRI was done between Jan 2000 and June 2001, when hubby quit drinking… we had moved into our 2nd home in 2000… so, we got baked last night an figured out the time frame… an giggled a lot…

Later kids.

Adorable Spite….

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