A Line in the Sand….

There are many analogies out there that can be used, but I think the best one that could be used for Trump an psuedo christians… they crossed the line in the sand, when they attacked our military and women’s reproductive rights… yet people still worship that god that says rape is immaculate… an they wonder why I think they are bat shit crazy and most of all, they crossed that line in the sand…

I can compare this to all kinds of relationships… I tried with my late father in laws wife… worked my ass off for 6 months in that 5th wheel, cooking enough meals, so that hubby could take them to them and give her a break… I gifted her something I truly valued and I confided in her and it cost us thousands… and when we terminated the relationship after 5 years of dad being gone… we were the bad ones… yet, she couldn’t read my story, it was to difficult… but she believes in the catholics god that says rape is immaculate…

Or you can look at someone public like Trump, who used religion as a means to meet his agenda of ripping off the American people and all the while, the evangelicals are hiding the fact, they bought Roe vs Wade… a lie bought an paid for, for our country and your soul….

I would say, both people crossed the line in the sand, by using their religion to treat humanity in a way that suits them and makes them feel better and leave you lying in that sand with no water in sight….

My sons have crossed that line in the sand, my mother, my sister, my brothers, my ex husbands… people who said they were friends, sister in spirit… it gets a little dry in that sand pit, with no water in sight…

So many will cross that line in the sand and when they are in want, need or guilt… they will try an cover that line in the sand…

Words can not be unsaid… Trumps hate for veterans like me is not new, they spit on us when we came back from Vietnam, they pass us as we beg from the street, they ignore us when the country rapes us again and they protect those that harmed us….

Many have crossed that line in the sand, many will try hard to bury that line… many will never know the true meaning of giving your all for country… because they are afraid to stand on my side of the sand….

Sgt. USAF DAV survivor of rape in the military and rape by christians…

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