Wound up rubber band…

Sleeping, not great, but asleep an I hear a wound up rubber band for a engine…

Not quiet, but revved up on steroids an of course, its our midnight mechanics squatting on property across from us…. beyond sighs, lots of cuss words…

I hit the button repeatedly on the siren an hear the rubber band revved engine as it drives down the road to the dealers house….

Last check, outside lights extinguished from that property, but I got ours lite up like a christmas tree….

Land of aloha is as big a myth as Trump is christian…

Two nights of no sleep, don’t make for a healthy life, let alone a non-grouchy day….

Guess a large bowl an watch the darkness continue an sounds of sleep from all but me🤬🤬🤬

Outside lights turned down, now wait for stupid to come back on the rubber band crotch rocket….

Aloha con, same as christians con….

Adorable Spite… sleep is over rated….at 1:43AM….

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