Uh… eureka???

Not sure how to describe what I live with, maybe, as some of you get Covid19 and get the brain fog, you’ll have a clue, but not a true sense of the brain fog, caused by spinal cord injury…. all I ever had to say, “I get a cold chill down my spine and it can be a 110 degrees outside”… speaks volumes about spinal cord injury… that chill, has been with me since I was a toddler, the first injury….

Anyhow, sitting there, smoking a nice bowl of popcorn, not the kind you eat either… got a good buzz, brain is on an adventure and I get on the net an look up the Oregon VA system and give them a call…. Why??? MRI….

My theory….

The MRI done at the Portland, VA facility was a contrast MRI… it was negative for everything… no injury, no strokes, no lesions, nada… now is that correct??? I’m thinking it is…

All my injuries as a child, did catastrophic damage to the spinal cord an triggered the neuropathy, myelopathy and stenosis, but like everyone else, I was toooooooooo young to have those issues… in other words, the doctors were psychic… and not using the brains they say their god gave them, which is obvious by my story… so my guess, all my health issues, were directly related to the spinal cord injury and the damage left behind from blunt force trauma fractures… so they beat the shit out of a kid an hurt her inside and outside…

Fast forward to 2011, Nov, El Paso VA operating table an I piss off the gass passer and he jerks my head roughly, an yes I remember him doing just that, an he herniated my neck and while they operated on me, I had a stroke… when I woke up in post op, my fingers were purple, not blue, purple, almost a black color, like I was beaten… an I felt the mask digging into my face… an knew in that moment they hurt me….

By the time physical therapy started, I had zero trust in the El Paso facility and all I got from the system was lip service and a lot of stupid, ridiculous bull shit in my medical records… honest a writer couldn’t make this up and prove it… I can… I have a copy… of what they put in my records an it says I didn’t trust them…. lol, just wow, on humans and being crooked christians…


I just put a call into the Oregon VA system an if I am right about what I just wrote…

That stroke on my brain happened on the VA’s watch and I almost became another statistic….

Damn, I love this brain….

So, once they tell me what I need for them to send me a copy of the disk and report… I will be one happy camper an twitapated with excitment… can’t spell either…


Sgt. USAF DAV, a hunting we will go… El Paso needs to get worried about now… an I really will need a lawyer again, ugh…..

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