Sounds just like my mother….

If you do not read the article, you won’t get an insight into the woman who thinks shes real smart…. just like Trump thinks he is….

Bullies rarely are smart an rarely have humanity….

Cops paid our squatters a visit, an the dude who decided to sleep on the road side, found a very angry dog letting him know, not here, not now, not ever….

We know drugs are being run an we know prostitution is happening… all we can do, let them see big boys fangs….

Dude moved on, cops talked with squatters an tonight, I just might get some sleep….

Not taking any chances, taking a pill before bed to give me a couple solid hours…

Cameras rearranged, nice day an night shot of the problem an dogs encouraged to bark at noise from that direction….

I just ask big boy has he said goodnight???, an he’s out barking that big bark that only a hundred pounds of brawn can give….

We obey the laws, we expect the people who want to live in America to obey them too, if not, we will ensure a lesson is given in the laws of living here…. an many cop visits to their residence….

Adorable Spite… looking for her forever home….

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