This stretch band is medium in it’s tightness…..

We got it last week, because hubby graduated to it…

Of course I do the ones I am supposed to do an a day later, I am hurting in the biceps an triceps an so is hubby….

Ya know, when hubby had his triple bypass, I had to lay 1,000 feet of wet sod…. this was 2013, when he was on bed rest before surgery….

Those rolls weighed over 30 pounds each an I counted over 100 I laid by myself….

And my arms never hurt like they do now using that torture device….

It is just a reminder I never got the medical I needed after each spinal cord injury…

I have definition in my calfs an arms…. It took 64 years after the first spinal cord injury for me to make my muscles work….

I am hoping in a big way, nerve function comes back, I know some is gone for good…but I have hope, I will get some back… especially for the fine motor skills….

Margie, I Remember…..

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