Are we there yet???

Change, ya know… people mostly don’t like change… they like the routine of life the way it is… it feels secure an safe, as long as there is no change…

When I married hubby #4, I got my first exposure to my own bigotry about the LGBTQ community… his ex wife was gay and because of my god up bringing, that was a sin and awful way to live… I caused trauma in-directly and in the end, it ended the marriage for me, because I couldn’t accept my own bigotry… I was taught by god to be a bigot… because the men teaching the lesson said so….

Are we there yet???

Do you know that Trump is doing exactly what those men did back in the day of your man made god… he is using fear to get your vote… an as the woman on CNN was being interview that was her excuse to vote for Trump again… she believed what the words were that were said… but refused to believe the TV news reports, from multiple sources… she chooses to believe a liar, out of fear…

Are we there yet???

I walked through many years of life, because of fear… went through some of the most awful & painful tests known to humans on my body and I let myself be mentally examined, over and over and over… because of fear of my parents god….

Are we there yet????

I’ve seen death, I’ve seen that man’s god is not real, but a tool to control those who are afraid, who fear life, who have to have someone tell them how to live… because they so fear life…

Are we there yet???

I have been told, by a Chief of Police that I didn’t have fear… the man came to my door, to tell me so in New Mexico… I told him…

I respect fear…. I don’t fear it…. because it, has to have substance, to make me fear… the fear has to have a reality, not words…. a reality….

Are we there yet???

I didn’t fear losing my son, when I told him his path in life was ever so wrong and criminal… I didn’t fear, because, I had already lost him at Vance AFB and Mena, Arkansas… so I knew when I told him the truth about his choices… I had to face the fear of losing my first born… an I knew, I already had lost him…

Are we there yet???

When I got a phone call from a girl I barely knew, telling me my son attempted suicide, her call was cold and callous, without heart or soul… I didn’t fear losing my son… I lost him long ago, when his father refused to be a father… because of his own drinking demon he slept next too… so I lost my son, because of his fear of not being accepted…

Are we there yet???

I don’t fear… I think of anything an everything that can happen an will still get surprised… only because others have fears that play into my world….

Are we there yet???

I had to turn the TV off, because I am so tired of people and their fears… fears they created by their vote or not voting and those of us, who live in the hear an now… are tired of your man made fears….

Are we there yet….

Change in life, be it quit smoking and back off the booze and do what is right for our body, not as easy as some think… I been there and know… Fear is the mind killer… what got me past my fear….

Believing in myself and realizing, I am just 1 human among billions an my story is no different than many others… but…

Christians fear me…

Other wise, why censor me???? We are almost there an no god will save us… but your vote could make all the difference…

Are we there yet???

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember Margie…

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