America is no longer ours???

Really, now someone realizes if you say it long enough someone will take it as gospel???

The planet does not belong to Trump, Russia, China or N. Korea…

The planet belongs to everyone …..

Not even the fictional Koran or bible have a say about earth….

But you do, if, you use your brain an not fear…

Doubt you will look at it that way… Idol worshippers are into being told who to have sex with an most of all how to have sex…

Watching the demise of America, because of man made gods that are hoodlums… You really are afraid for that closet to be opened….

Mine is waiting for inspection, flung wide open…but I am not afraid of muslims or christians god… but they are afraid of me….


SGT USAF DAV get out an vote or just keep praying no one can see into that closet of yours…. but I already peeked…

Fear is the mind killer, I will face my fear, let it pass thru me an only I will remain…. but I don’t believe in gods, so Boo again…

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