Peek a Boo….

Going to be hot, rainy, windy an gorgeous on Hawaii…. Have a great day, get outdoors an enjoy our only god…. EARTH….

beauty that only nature can give us humans…

Enjoy your day, our TV will be off an we are enjoying our day…

No nightmares again, going on the 3rd week an no PTSD full blown nightmares… but we got bangers… my voice is just loud enough for them to be aware, we know you are the noise maker…a necessary evil, when you are out walking an want accurate info of driver an vehicle for the cops….you should have seen the woman when I thanked her for boom at 6AM…. she heard me, no one outside our 100 feet heard me…

When you piss of Pele, she fights back with fire….


Adorable Spite…. looking for a forever home…. not on Hawaii….

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