I know why I’m Pissed!!! Eureka???

She asked an I told her… the next thing, she is telling me I haven’t a clue, yada, yada, yawn… that was the grankid….

But that isn’t why I have been pissed lately… more like over a month or year or two….

With my sons, I get it… they don’t think so, but, they are so highly intelligent, they know all to end all and that’s why they know nada….

With my step daughter, that is a whole different kind of relationship…

1… female… I have zero close relationships with any person on earth that is female, including my step daughter… an with her, there is a very good reason… She has a mother…

Now, I don’t care for her mom, for reasons that are purely ethical and things that went down real early on, when I married hubby… things that could have had a very negative impact on finances, fortunately I caught that within 6 months of marriage an took care of those issues… but other things went down during the years of the kid growing up…. an that is what made me flash on why I am really pissed off right now…

I’m not mom, nor have I ever really been… if I had been, I would know more intimate things about her life, instead of hearing about it 2nd hand… small town, and reliable snitche’s… lol… an, I paid attention…

It’s kind of amazing, all I was dealing with, with amnesia, but I still played mom for all those years… played is the key word… I tried not to leave any bodies in my wake…

I’ve said it several times, I have a gift or ability… I gave the advice that was asked for an did it in very constrained verbally….

I gave the same kind of advice to numerous others and want to guess where they are at??? Not of this world…

Stubborness is not an asset, it is a liability, one that I had to work through, so I could get the health care I needed, here on Hawaii… health care, that literally saved my life and prevented any further damage…

So why am I really pissed…. ???

Truth has no value to our children an that spills over into the lives of their children…

Instead of living life, by owning the body that gives you the opportunity to work many hats and enjoy the fruits of your labor… but, what you think is drive is addiction and it takes hold of the heart, mind an soul and stubborn behavior takes the brain on a ride of …..

I don’t need to do what is right for my body, it will take the abuse, until you can no longer stand an ask, what did I do wrong???

You refused to listen and own your life, you kept running from it, by taking on the many hats of self destruction… because if you weren’t self destructing… you would take care of the only gift you have….

Your life….


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