Fake promoted the Faker…

Falwell covered his sexual exploits with his church, man made god an lying to you…


Read the article or not… All I got to say….

Did you know that a long time before blessing someone with words, blessing was actually done in blood….

No clue about you, but killing, raping, lying, stealing, cheating an sexual exploitation …. Don’t make a christian…but they sure as hell make a human god….

Just because YOU believe, doesn’t make it real… but hey you yahoos said rape is immaculate an already show your perverse sick christian evil every day you try an bless someone …..

Personally thank you, but those blessing are nothing more than evil humans throwing you off the trail of their last rape, murder or theft… that is a true christian….an they can stay in the hell they created… go home to Russia…

SGT USAF DAV Survivor of christians worse, murder….

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