Bangers an Aloha, the myth….

Makuu has been one banger after another… Hawaiian an Filipino, all adults showing that they can bully an will bully, because they can….

Sound like Trump an christians to me….

Sometimes being adult really sucks, but past experiences have taught me, bullies never come out on top an today we had 39 new cases of Covid… an just like the other population being hit hard because of ethnicity, so too is it hitting the people doing the bullying….

Our realtor in Washington says must be nice living on Hawaii an I said you remember the old days on the reservation??? an he said yea, an I said Hawaii is worse….

Anyone who has watched the self destruction on reservations, knows what I am talking about… Its not all of them, but what we are exposed to here in HPP speaks volumes of Hawaii’s real problems….


Adorable Spite looking for her forever home….

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