Enjoying Earths Gifts….

Another sunrise, no help from psuedo christians or any other man made faith…. just gravity an good ole mechanics of earth doing its thing regardless of what we do……..

Anyway, we are hot on Hawaii an hospitals are filling up with lots of sick people who think aloha means dollars…

You can buy all the aloha you want, ignorance is not going to keep covid at bay….

Drug dealing an prostitution going on across from us, an its those people spreading the virus… good ole catholics….

We are hiding at home as the virus takes more lives everyday… Lives that believe in man made gods, but not science…

Just curious is being a martyr the same as believing in man made gods??? Just curious about stupid, I am always wanting to learn why humans are afraid of living an prefer performing for man made gods an beliefs…

Just because you believe in god or gods, doesn’t make them real, but it does show your lack of good mental health….

Adorable Spite, looking for her forever home….

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