Sentimental Journey…

Lets glide through time…. an see what memories I can bring forth, by just going on a sentimental journey….

My only toddler memory is a violent one…so, lets glide on past that an pick up when I started making memories again….

We are on a childrens TV show and I spoke the truth…. again, another violent memory… so let’s slip slide away on this one too…

We are in Bonita, playing and we are living in a little trailer…. I push some blanket up under the curved front of the trailer because Pegs told me too and the next thing I know… I’m being stung by bees…. okay, we are up to around 6 years old, got to be a good one, some place… so… lets buzz out of this memory….

We move into a big trailer and mom says, M… go out an get a head of cabbage out of the farmers field… and that didn’t work… I was taught to steal… so lets hop on down the road to Alabama… an leave Kansas behind…

Big yard in Alabama, longest place we lived till Don went to Vietnam… the boob incident happened here or Kansas… thinking Kansas, but hey, so I got a glitch in the grey matter… and the pictures show the result of that time… but not everything… Alabama is where I got raped for the 1st time… by a SSgt in the Air Force… I was 12… so lets move on down the road to Bonita…

I see mom out cutting the grass and black chunks come flying out of the side exit… she got herself a nice black king snake, well it was a king snake, her dance was more entertaining…. an up the road, the man that would be my 2nd rapist… not yet 13 and already violated twice by christians…. an sis the half blood is conceived… so lets mosey on down the road to Texas….

Don is back from Vietnam, a child not of his blood born and all hell breaks loose… I won mom a dozen long stem roses for mothers day on a radio show in Big Springs, Texas… got a picture of it on this machine… an her pregnant with another man’s child….

I would turn 13 in Big Springs, Texas and lose my life, fighting to protect the half blood sister, newly born and she would later violate my child… so, lets leave the smell of refinery behind and fly across the world to Japan, so that the scandal will die down… just as I did, defending the child not of my dad’s blood….

An as I listen to the sounds of Japan around me…. I do something they didn’t like and another memory of violence, would leave me with a stroke… and TBI, again… so say sayonara to Japan an lets hit the island of Okinawa….

My happy go lucky life, cavalier to the end and as I leave to go bowl I comment on their argument and find myself many feet away on the floor….

The only good thing about that memory… I told him and looked at her and stated…

Ever touch me again and you are dead and turned to leave for the bowling alley, realizing… it was now up to me, to make good memories…

Maybe I’ll talk about them some day….

A sentimental journey into the the abyss of christian sickness and criminality… I would say Trump summed it up in his speech about so many lies, I could have been in a church, any church and heard the same lies…

Time to put this sentimental journey to bed….

Hot on Hawaii, house open all day, fans going, but, that trade wind breeze and smell of the ocean… and the quiet of no bangers… I might just get our little hood cleaned up, in time to leave….


Adorable Spite… Looking for her forever home…

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