Are YOU Anti Anything???

Are you against anything???

I never used to be, until I got my memories back… It wasn’t instant, about denying man’s man made gods… No I had to research it and explore the facts and not the fantasy of people like Falwell or Baker or Trump….

People only tell the truth, because of why???

I find most people lie… lie to themselves and lie to the people they call family and lie to the country they profess to be a part of … Much of which is what christians do… I can’t say that about muslims, I don’t know any, nor do I know much about the Koran… but as with all religions… A human is the one that told the story… and not the god that they profess to worship… insanity 101, enabling religion is to enable delusional behavior…

Do you know, I slept like a baby again, last night… had to take a muscle relaxer after PT torture… but I slept so good, dreamed and woke up by the sound of a motor bike with no muffler… yep, the siren got set off and the bugger yelled at to fix his bike per our laws… so over stupid humans that think they are above our laws… like Trump ….

Did you know that KellyAnn Conway said she was raped??? I saw that interview way back after Trump won and nearly puked my lunch all over the place… You can tell when someone lies about sexual assault… Psychology 101, KellyAnn… You lied….

But, I am anti religion… why???

It takes your individuality and leaves you with nothing more than a emotional dependence on a object that doesn’t exist and will let you down, time after time after time… yet, humans will let you down too… that is why I’m anti religion… it steals an gives nothing in return but empty promises… sounds like politics to me…. good old Snake oil….

I will always be anti religion… why???

Because when you fail to believe in yourself, you are setting yourself up to be led through life and not live life… just that simple… religious get off on controlling the weak minded… just look at catholic Priest and Jerry Falwell Jr…. or better yet the Mormon church with millions of dollars off shore in banks… I guess their god is a banker…

So if you read my blog an are religious… you really should go find something else to read… I won’t be changing my opinion about man’s man made religions… why???

Because I am first and foremost a human, with individuality that is not up for sale for a fake after life… you see, I already died and I saw death and it’s nothing like the prophets tell ya, why??? Because they never experienced it and made it up as they went, while selling you on snake oil…

Death is quite, darkness and nothing…. it is total and complete peace, an I hated being ripped out of it’s grip, by psuedo religious bigots… so I don’t fear death, it is completion of the cycle of life…. death….

I said I have a gift an have had many make light of said gift… that just means, you won’t get any closer than you are now… nor will you ever benefit from that ability like hubby has… only because of your choices… 6 others did that and they are dead…. always about choice… always…

This blog thing was fun and helpful as I traveled the road of missing memory and lost youth….

At one time, Freda reaching out to me would have been inviting… not anymore… she refused to fill in the gaps of my missing memory and she refused to give me life saving information about my injuries… the woman I called mother… is just Freda now…. No pain, no sentiment… just a woman who is mentally ill and stole her children’s lives to keep a secret that never was… Freda liked fucking around with men, who weren’t her hubby…

Ya know, I been married 26 years and never thought of straying to another lover for any reason of any kind… why??? Because I don’t believe in man made gods that would forgive me, forgive me for what??? Sex is sex… an marriage is nothing more than religions excuse to control…. What Freda did, in her eyes was a sin… in mine… she just showed her weakness…

Have I shown any of mine???? Weakness’s that is???

Probably not, why???

Because I believe in this living, breathing, human that bleeds and not a god that I need to ask for forgiveness for living life as a human being….

Enough thought for the morning… going to be super hot on Hawaii… Bangers will get the siren if needed and we will be busy today, like every day… till nap time….

Have a great day, wash hands, wear masks, social distance and most of all get your flu shot… Got mine yesterday and other than a sore spot from the shot… I slept like a baby last night….

Toodles or toddles…..

Adorable Spite… Looking for a forever home….

Gods were invented to keep women in check, so that men could destroy our world…

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