holey moley….

UV 13… some day they are going to say we are at a UV of 20….

Sunshine, hot, boy howdy is it hot…..

This is the muggy an hot blistering weather we get, usually all summer… Not this year….

If ya got to hunker down, Hawaii isn’t all that bad…

Especially when bangers learn to fear… “the car alarm “…😂😂😈😈….

Yep, best summer since we moved here, remote control annoying car alarm, can be heard over the bangers….

I like my new toy….. yea, I be grinning from ear to toothless ear….

I will leave you with that picture…. last PT today….

Have a great day, stay safe, wear masks, wash an social distance for humanity an not Falwell’s fake god…

Sgt USAF DAV, I remember Margie….

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