So, You Think…. You Know???

I do marvel at how I kept it quiet, until 2010, when I stood in Freda’s kitchen an told her I was missing memory….

1967 to 2010…. I knew my childhood had been stolen by the christians I called family…. I just didn’t get how they did it… but the clues… oh those little gaff’s they let loose… my precious… my clues…

When I talked with Peggy, I was candid, but cautious… after our conversation when I was on Japan in the 80’s… woke up something in my brain… her behavior was not what it should have been, or what I imagined it should have been and my aha moment happened on Japan…. an I got SARs and pretty sure I had a mini stroke, because I lost time an memory… which has come back, but it took it’s damn time getting back…

By the time I married hubby an we made a trip to that little town… I was remembering and I knew something was terribly wrong… that was 96 when I saw the family for the first time, since 83…….

Fast forward to 2010, when I confronted Freda…. pass a few more years down the road an we are in New Mexico an I confront Peggy…. an all of a sudden silence… until they wanted something from me… just like now… with Freda’s email… trying to reel me back in….

When El Paso herniated my neck and put the neuropathy, stenosis and myelopathy into over drive… I struggled to stay in the here an now… that was 2011….

Fast forward to now, MRI shows all 3 disc back in place and the life of crime has been exposed….

So what ever it is Freda told the kids… it isn’t truth… it’s christian truth, which is always nothing but lies…. christians don’t own their lives, they blame everyone and everything else, but their own choices…

Freda chose to lie and cheat me out of a life… Freda chose to beat on a toddler and continue that abuse to this day…. Peggy, Peggy is afraid to own what she did and will go to her grave like Don did & Freda will, never owning the life they threw away for a god and life after death… now if that isn’t insanity, I give up…. honest, I threw up my hands….. Insane is insane, when you think a god, needs any kind of worshiping… I mean, for real, why would a god be so vain, it needs followers…???

But man said rape was immaculate… so I guess, you might want to ask the men pulling the strings… but gods they are playing, but bleed like you an me they do… an so will Peggy & Freda… why???

Because I saw death… I met death… an there is nothing after it….

Which is why I chose to live, based on my principals, ethics, morals and integrity… I was there when needed… only 1 has been here when I needed…

You closed the door… I’m just keeping the key…. because what you think you know… didn’t come from me, it came from her…

Margie, I remember…..

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