No ONE… Ever Asked….

The neuropathy has been in overdrive… an I mean, really, in summer, it’s got to do it’s thing and I got no clue…. hold your horses… my memories gave me a clue last night… told ya, I dream of the past, it plays out like watching a DVD….

I remember when they took my ovaries and tubes… I thought, okay, no more pain…. and the pain hit… way before the hormone loss kicked in, the pain hit… so they took the cervix and uterus about 18 months later… an it hit… an what triggered it… ???

The Air Force intubating me on the operating table… they triggered what had been waiting…. my going into the military, made my issues a whole lot worse… and I mean life threatening worse….

When the 2nd surgery was over, the hot flash’s were in over drive… just one problem… they weren’t hot flash’s… it was neuropathy, making it’s self known…

Before I entered the Air Force at 23 years old… Once in a while I would feel a warmness in my body, in different areas… Arms, back, legs…. head & neck…

I thought nothing of these, I thought it was normal… I didn’t have any knowledge of medicine at that time and I barely remembered my biology class from high school… so I was in all sense of the word… clueless… Was… is the key…

After the surgery and the Air Force putting me on hormone replacement therapy, they helped to mask the symptoms I live with today….

It wasn’t until 2003 an our move to Arkansas, I quit the hormones they had me on for over 20 years… and after a couple years… you could tell, the warmth I felt, and had always felt since I was a kid… had nothing to do with hot flash’s….

Do you know, out of over a 100 doctors and specialist I saw from 1977 to 2020… NOT ONE PERSON asked, where do you feel the warmth… if they had, someone would have surely picked up on the neurological issues I had been dealing with my whole life…

To this day, no one has asked, were I feel that warmth, except… the neurologist… yea, I just let out one huge sigh over the Air Force & VA incompetence….

I told the doctor who got me the first MRI here on Hawaii about that warmth and where… she never put it together and made out my brain injury to be minor… she got fired…

What I had always thought after the hysterectomy was hot flash’s, has always been the neuropathy and you know what else… no one says you were to young for those issues to be around… NOT ONE DOCTOR says that now… just dropped my shoulders kind of sigh…. so tired of incompetent American health care…

I don’t know why the neuropathy is in overdrive, but it reminds me of my military time and how I had to stay physically fit, to stay in the service… and I was very active back then, and that tells me, all this activity I’m doing now… must be working to stimulate all the areas that are damaged and make new pathways…

I’ve been told by a couple of surgeons, nerves will grow back and sometimes take new paths, if there is damage from trauma or surgery… an that is true, my breast are getting sensation back after 20 years later when they did the reduction… so, they do come back… it just takes time and work for the body parts I have that are damaged…

As for the autonomic neuropathy that controls my heart, lungs and other organs… nothing I can do about that… it impacts my digestive system now and at some point… I may not be able to swallow to eat food and a tube to my stomach would be put in for liquid diet…if you can’t swallow, you can eat..

It does make me wonder, why our health care is so fucked up… but I look at what the evangelicals have done over abortion and thinking a heart beat denotes life an it does not…. you can have a machine for a heart… but you can’t replace the master control….

The brain…. without our brain, there is no such thing as life… it’s the master control….

Anyhow… I get it… the neuropathy is in overdrive, because I am working out and making things react… the weakness in my legs, that don’t want to support me or the hands that throw things… they are all being worked and will be continued to work as long as I can… the myelopathy will have a great deal to say about that in the long run….

Well, the day is started, cool an clear… means it’s going to be hot and muggy….

have good one… I got a workout to do….

Toodles… or Toddles…

Adorable Spite… looking for a forever home…

The Air Force failed me, in every possible way…. the Men in uniform did all they could to bury the truth….

Sounds like christians huh.???

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