Individuality is a Sin… for real….

I was watching CNN an the young EEG tech was showing her badly damaged fingers that she will lose and what she said before they put the tube down her throat is what got my attention… she left a note for her kids that she didn’t want them to be mad at god and not blame god but if she died it was god’s will…. an I proceeded to throw my coffee back up into my mouth… yuck….

When we are born, we are as innocent as it gets… if we have any kind of family… the actions of those people, who raise us, an either teach us or abuse us… but, that is how we form our opinions about gods… by the people we are exposed to in our formative years….

If you really bother to think about it, an christians or religious of any kind will not do this… because, reality isn’t part of their existence…. but…

If you really think about it… why do any gods need you???

If they are gods, they got to be gods by what ever means they got the identification of gods… who need nothing from us… they do not live because we live… they live because we created them… that is the only gods out an about in the universe, galaxy or earth…. we humans, manufactured them with human feelings…

Because in reality… gods do not need humans…

Humans need gods, because, some how along the way in your path of life… you were told to believe what some one else believed and not question…

That is taking your individuality, your very soul… to worship a man made god…

Having individuality is a sin to christians, because you question the reality of a man made god….

Adorable Spite Atheist… born one and will die one… If god was real, you would know the god, before you were born… reality, not magic…

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