A Journey Through Time…

I was looking on the Ipad at the cameras outside and a banger was going by that was booming earlier, so I hit the button 3 times, to let the beggar know… I know what you did last summer…. bawhahahaha….. an all of a sudden, I found myself meditating, lost in the 4 camera scenes I was seeing….

The one thing the Air Force did do right… Bio-feedback… that meditation technique… saved me, when pot was not available or safe to get… an alcohol was getting old… but that little technique to take myself someplace else, has worked since 1978, when I was taught it… I taught it to hubby, so that his breathing and lungs get more expansion, his lungs are stiff in the lower lobes, COPD…

Meditation… I hear the guy on GMA go on an on an I think as I come out of the one I was in… because the guy was going on an on…. it works, it soothes, it heals and most of all, it works…

When the chaos was like being on a roller coaster and I felt up one minute and down the next… when the world was coming at me in all directions wanting of my time, brain and money…. no one asked if I needed help, meditation was my go too….

There is a great deal of pain in this journey… many realizations, many wounds, many hurts…. an a whole hell lot of money…. that I will never earn again…

So I meditate and look for the good out of the bad and find none… so I look for the tomorrow that will bring better memories and let the pain of the old ones fade away….

This journey through time, I couldn’t have imagined such a story, would turn out to be my life…

Rubbing elbows with the rich and famous… dating a top gun or top gun’s, lol yep… having many loves in my life… and all I ever wanted out of any of that….

Peace of mind… answers to the questions I asked until 2017 when the family finally closed the door and I got the key… an that peace of mind came home to roost….

I looked forward to these days, when my mind would be on anything, but my blood… when the hell they put me through, was part of the past an the door forever closed to them… they chose a god over owning what they did to me… they did the crime, now they get to do the time, I no longer exist in their lives… they got what they wanted….

And I got peace of mind….

Margie, I remember….

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