Officer & Gentlemen… only in the movies…

Top gun, never saw it… never needed to…. I dated one… He was a commander and fighter pilot and not American…. I saw him on Face Book back in 2015… nice memories…. an a true gentlemen…..

I have been dealing with tons of heat, heat in my left leg, that El Paso nearly killed me operating on…. heat in my spine, heat in my neck, heat in my head, heat in my arm…. tell ya how many places neuropathy is attacking me???

Throw in some pain from the myelopathy in my spine and neck, kick the thorasic, give up on spelling it…. throw all the pain from that in and my head not wanting to stay in one spot…

This is a normal day for me…

Normal to stand up and all of a sudden, not have a leg to stand on… the nerves decided they didn’t want to respond to the brain….

Or better yet… I’m making breakfast, slicing and dicing and the knife goes flying…. or better yet… like my fixing our tempura up for a couple meals, an my left arm decided mixing the dry over the wet, should go all over the counter….

These are little things that I have always lived with… except now, instead of being once in a while… they are constant….

Why is everything un-happy??? I stood today… for a couple hours… I stood… and my body is pissed…

The more I understand about the myelopathy with the stenosis, the more I realize… we won’t be buying a 2 story house when we move… neither of us should do stairs… ever…

It’s a lifestyle change… just one among many we have made over our decades together… Instead of making it harder on ourselves… we will buy according to our needs now and future….

My fine motor skills are disappearing rapidly… well, I didn’t ask for this, but, this is what life dealt me…

Guess I should go cook our tempura fish and veggies for dinner…

Adorable Spite… looking for a forever home..

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