Why WE moved on…


The link is a CNN article about the indictment of one of Trumps pseudo christians, that hubbys cousins on the east coast promoted, along with a bunch of fake news…on Face Book… they didn’t like being called out as bigots or traitors …. hubbys family, like most are immigrants… not like my family who are the descendants of the pilgrims….okay we are immigrants too… but the first after natives…

Anyway, they promoted fake news an thrived on disinformation…. I got kicked off face book, but it lets traitors that follow Trumps cronies, spread fake news…

For all the bull shit the DNC promoted, TRUTH has zero value, or this veteran would not be getting censored by twitter, face book, google an word press….

You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to dump the god they follow an believe in humanity…. an truly they wondered why we stepped out of the picture with the family…. because they are pseudo christians, bigots an traitors to our democracy….

We moved on an stood with our constitution an our democracy….

Man made god to control the weak of mind an soul…all god worshipping does is show you are a FAKE AMERICAN….

SGT USAF DAV I remember Margie…..

be careful word press, you really don’t have a clue who this person knows… an Trump an his corruption are going down, you could join them, playing god… boo, this should be fun…

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