What A Lovely Walking Stick…

I said as the woman was about to enter the exam room as an interpreter…

I asked, where I could purchase such lovely wood work….

She then proceeded to tell me, that the stick was not just a stick, but holy and scared… the wood was of the islands and of the earth… The stick was not meant for some one like me….

Yep racism and bigotry alive an well on Hawaii, because a human, made a dead piece of wood holy, because she said so…

Alrighty then on mental illness 101, they believe, but can not prove, so you aren’t allowed to question their faith….

Sounds a lot like christians, jews, muslims.. I don’t know, to many man made religions for me to name, which should give you a hint… if their are that many, how many gods do you really think there are????

Anyway…. one of these days, when it is safe, I will go to a crafter and get myself a Koa wood walking stick and I will treat it, the same way I treat all my property that has no soul, heart or mind…. like property….

Just a memory from last year, when I had cataract surgery… she had no clue who my ancestry was, an talked down to me, because I am white skinned and round eyed…

There is no White theology….

Just religion….

Adorable Spite… looking for a forever home…

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