It is, What it Is…..

When the news started hammering that line, It is what it is… I thought of Don’s death watch an how upset I got, when I saw the degradation of my sibling and mother and knew, god was man made and their hate an bigotry came out to play…

Ya know, when Don died (dad)… I wasn’t with him… I had already been kept away from him by Freda & Donna, an as I watched their behavior degrade into pure sickness… I heard Uncle Johnny, it is what it is… later I learned uncle was just as violent as daddy dearest… so no warm fuzzy feelings for any of them…

As I think back to that email, over a month ago, I think… It is what it is….

I didn’t shed tears for Don, when he died… I shed tears for the loss of my family as I watched them give up their humanity, to hide their crimes… I cried for the loss of the people I knew, before Freda warped them with religion and most of all lies…

We walked away from hubby’s family, for the same reason…. hiding behind a god, an sticky fingers… just don’t pass the test for humanity…

Democracy is fragile… Face book censors Margie Bagwell or Petersville and blocks them for one reason only…. She called out the psuedo christians of America… an here we find out a few years later… evangelicals bought Roe vs Wade… the woman lied and got paid to do it… christians an sticky fingers… do not make humanity… but it does make a crime… which is why people buy into gods, because they do the crimes but not the time….

When I was on Twitter, same thing… AdorableSpite@adorablespite also had one for AdorableSpitefire…. an the reason I got kicked off and christian Trump is still on… because I told the truth about christians…

So for all the bull shit out there… none of these platforms support democracy or freedom of speech….

But they do support taking your money…..

Our democracy being bought an sold by platforms like Face book, Twitter, Google, and even Word Press….

Yep, I back up this blog and download it, so when we have a new president I can do what I do best… IG complaints… got two Directors of VA hospitals fired… and they be presidential appointments… so, yea, I like a good fight… could take years… but in the end… I could have a class action lawsuit that won’t fail… ya never know…

Anyhow… truth only has value, if you can afford to pay for it… just ask christians about Roe vs Wade…

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie

Adorable Spite…. boo

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