I don’t need your Approval… you aren’t a god… no one is…

I really got to quit day dreaming, when I’m doing chores… they are so mundane, you just got to do the motion and before you know it… it’s over… same goes for my exercising… I day dream and I’m done, asking, did I do all of them or space out???

Well, damn, my right hand just went goofy on me… stuff hurts, like I was right back in the middle of basic training… an I had a kid 2 months before I got there….

Sorry, I digress, the body is letting me know, it’s listening and responding, just not nicely….

I don’t need your approval….. meaning, I don’t need approval, inclusion or much of anything else from anyone on this planet, including hubby…. I really push for us to keep our individuality… he will never be a YES man…

But that email I got, the day they did my MRI… an I opened it, instead of delaying, which is what I used to do… avoid the unpleasant moment for as long as possible, which just made things worse… but this time I opened it an read the lie, the con, the manipulation…. an boy howdy, did that email bug my psyche for a while…

I had to figure out why I gave the email power… an just now, I realized it… she was approving me back into the family, she pushed me out of and it …. the words…. the email…. the person….

Had no more value to me… they had taken that value away from me, by excluding and trying to control and manipulate…

It’s like last year, playing out the way it did… hubby an I knew, but I had to be sure and now I am… It is what it is….

But… NO, I DO NOT need your approval… I don’t hide from life, my closet is open and bare… solely for the purpose of letting you know…

I don’t need your approval….

I really got to quit day dreaming when doing house keeping….


Adorable Spite…. looking for a forever home…

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