$407.33…. ouch!!!

It’s called a cervical traction device… they use them in physical therapy and you don’t buy these toys, unless, you have a real need… because a good one, isn’t cheap….

This is the second device I have had used on me… The first one, was in 2017, but I wasn’t to awed by the PT place, an pulled myself out of it, after a month… but, I never forgot the device they used…

Well the PT I’m finishing up with next week… have used the one I just purchased on me a couple times… and since I have cervical stenosis… it’s going to be a need tool, in my bag of torture devices…

I shouldn’t be paying for any of my health care… but after the last 9 years and the corruption I have fought against… it’s going on here in Hawaii… got a taste of that at the town hall meeting, they shut me down so quick, a dozen veterans got up and left… including me… it was that disgusting and now, I have no VA coverage through Tri west, because someone either at the Hilo VA office or El Paso VA office, pulled me out of the program… my doctor I see, was approved and all of a sudden, not any more… so I have to pay for my medicine, one of which is $450 a month, that’s the cheapest an when it runs out in 9 months… I’ll be back to breathing on my own… no other drug I can use, that doesn’t mess with me.. like Trumpie says….

It is what it is….

Sgt. USAF DAV 100% Service Connected yea for Republicans an christians corruption…

oh yea, my new torture arrives by the end of the month…

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