1996…. it happened…

Just shut down bertha, too hot, an we are saving money with AC off, hunt an peck…

1996 I had major surgery at Wenatchees Womans center hospital….

Ringing in my ears started 6 days after surgery…. see the clue???

We know every time I got beat, my neck, spinal cord took a beating… by the time I went in the military my neck was still herniated…

Now it didn’t get herniated again, until, 94 at Yokota an again when I fell camping and then the surgery in 96… they intubated me, so they put my neck out of place an started the nightmare I have been living ever since, because they intubated me… it put pressure on my spinal cord an being out of place the deterioration picked up speed… by 98, X-rays showed arthritis, which, they thought that in the military, its in my records, he thought psoriatic arthritis….by the new lesions I am seeing, he may be right, just forty years later…

The neck has not been stable ever… every surgery, up till the last decade, they intubated peeps, not anymore… each surgery the Air Force did, they herniated my neck an put cervical stenosis in over drive an the myelopathy… yep it was all in my head doctors an none of you listened…. just wow on male arrogance….

The reason 96 is key… ringing in my ears has never stopped… so, that procedure started the acceleration of my issues….

All because Freda an Peggy have to be children of their man made god….

Yep, they will never be in my life, ever….

Adorable Spite…. looking for a forever home….

Sherlock watch an learn…

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