Never Trust Republican Lawyers….

I signed my settlement documents over a year ago… I contacted the Gallagher law firm who represents me in August 2019, never got a response… I am guessing they got paid, but victims of Trans mesh have not… Like this veteran…

So FYI America… Republicans who are lawyers who go after big companies like Johnson an Johnson… As long as the lawyers get paid… doesn’t matter if victims are suffering by crappy American health care, the lawyers get rich an the victims get victimized again….

Yea Tucson VA for implanting a Trans mesh in me that snapped one day after surgery an the VA made me walk around with a herniated bladder for a year, an just a FYI… ITS still herniated 11 years later…

Yea for crappy American malpractice in the VA an health care system…

As long as the lawyers get rich….

SGT USAF DAV…. Never seen a dime from the thousands I was awarded…. go Wagstaff an Cartmell law firm in Kansas….

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