The Government & All Health care…

Ya know as a veteran, I shouldn’t be paying a dime for my health care… yet in the last four years, because of corruption at the Oahu VA & Tri-west contractors….

This 100% service connected veteran has paid out over $10,000 in health care expenses since moving to Hawaii in 2016… OVER $10,000!!!!

Health care in the VA system and the medicare system is tragically broken…

If you aren’t sitting in congress, where they make the rules that work for them, an no one else…

It takes 10 years to get a Rectocell procedure through the VA!!!

It takes 11 years and counting for dental implants and they haven’t even cut on me yet and my mouth is screaming in pain, through the VA!!!!

I have had VA doctors tell me, nothing was wrong with me!!!

I have had VA doctors tell me it was all in my head!!!

I have had VA doctors tell me what is wrong, without having proof!!!

I got a civilian doctor on Hawaii to listen and a MRI was done… I had a stroke on my brain that was from my childhood….

The Air Force covered this up, The VA was negligent and civilian health care, got zero diagnosis right!!!!

To promise health care for all, you have to fix the problems that are in the system now….

My father in law was told by the VA, we can get to you in 3 months… he had less than 60 days left to live… his wifes private insurance gave us dad, for another 10 years!!!

I am voting for Biden, not because I agree with him or like his raping religion… but because, someone has to have the balls to fix what the Republican and Evangelicals have done to our nation….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie…

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