Steppford Wives of the 21st Century…

Ever see the original movie the Steppford Wives??? I tell ya straight up… I nearly laughed my ass off watching it and when Glen Close & Nicole Kidman did a remake… I thought how true it really was and you ask why, huh???

On the news this morning, they talked about medication and the fact that 99% of medication out there, has not been tested on women or female animals… nope, majority of the drugs out there that you an I take… haven’t been tested for dosage or much of anything else for the female body….

This has been going on, since medicine started centuries ago… Men are treated better in health care, why???… because to stay in control, christians have to stack the deck against the one person on this planet that could change the way we see the world…

The Women who give us life an usually the brains behind everything… but… we aren’t in control, now are we…

Nope, frigid women put men like Trump in charge and say, oh god is listening an sent us the great white whale for hope…

Okie dokie on the stupidity of christian an all religious women… you need to be led through life, instead of being the leader…

I told doctors in the Air Force, no to most of the meds they put me on and ended up on them anyway and it took me till 1996, to dump the drugs, men put me on in the name of medicine… I call it control…

One of those drugs that if you google it, you will find, thousands of complaints… from women about Levothyroxine… a thyroid drug that alters your personality and your body chemistry, because the drug, was manufactured for one purpose….

To control women…. Doubt me???

That’s okay, people doubted me about censorship by Face Book & Twitter, Word Press & Google and I would say the proof is in the facts….

Believe what you want… but my body… doesn’t take any medication, unless it is to keep me alive an functioning… going on 2 years since I quit man’s thyroid drugs and I feel better without the drug an my brain feels clearer and my body feels healthier….

So before you jump on the bandwagon of maintenance drugs… do your research and make sure, you aren’t being controlled, just so they can shut you up….

Sgt. USAF DAV, survivor of christians worse…. murder…

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