Not what I expected….

When with the physical therapist a week back, I lifted my left arm while she was working my neck an we both kind of gasped….

You could seem the lumps from the beating at 5 years old…. keep in mind, I am 66 years old now…an injuries from the repeated beatings still show upon my body….. an the beater reaches out to me!!? holy crap on a cracker…. no wonder my jaw is tight….

I can flex arms, hands, legs, torso an you will see the lumps left behind from blunt force trauma….. hidden in plain sight…. an I am the bad person in the family….

if they, could even remotely, get close to living the clean, honest life, theirs could be as good as mine….

Domestic violence is an old song that christians have promoted for centuries, by saying rape is immaculate…… an my reproductive organs are not mine, but under their sick, corrupt control….. yep Trump an evangelicals are the demise of our democracy……

I was just sitting here doing ball hand exercising an saw the lumps in with the muscle that is developing…. still a shock to know christians are truly that evil….

Adorable Spite… looking for a forever home….

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