Are YOU & YOURS Ready???

I grossed when I got out of bed… watching the obvious happen and no one willing to say the words, so I put them on my blog… Why people are so afraid to stand up to man made religion and it’s man made gods… you got me… they are just men, using fear to control the weak of mind… which is about a half of America… must be real funky being afraid to be an individual, when you were born, you were one… until… the brainwashing by your family or friends or social platforms took over….

I listen to the news and it’s just getting worse every day and people are starting to act, like we are in Steven King’s, The Stand…..

I really don’t think some people, including our blood, takes all this to seriously… it hasn’t impacted them yet, but it will, this I already know and the cost will be ever so high, higher than they can imagine… an we sit here an wait for the phone call to tell us of the passing ……..

I have written my frustration with all our kids and theirs… an this morning, the nightmares of last night… that too has to change and it starts now…

They have to live and die, by their choices… and those that follow them… well, they didn’t bother to ask us… an that has been so very obvious now for a while….

So, no more pining for what never was, nor ever will be… our out look on the world is too far apart and too much of christianity has influenced their lives… and they have yet to accept their fear of life and living it…

We will continue to contribute, by doing what we can, but our influence is no more, nor has it truly ever been…. an I can’t let my fear for them, rule my days… I have to let go… I don’t have the energy anymore….

The more my body heals, the more the mind heals… and I have to look at the future, with just lil ole hubby and me… our front door, shows how many walked through it over the last 18 years since we left Washington…

The ugly part of what is coming is just starting… we did what we could while the opportunity was there… but, like all things, we don’t have control over what happens next… the corrupt christians do….

I told hubby, when watching the news last night an they showed the intense heat and drought on the west coast… I really am not into moving back to those areas… it is going to get worse, not better and the year we married, we had a major fire storm in our state… 1994….

I look out around me, the water we use, comes from the sky, the soil, is what we make, as we cut and recycle the plant life around us… The air is clean an the heat manageable… the volcano is sleeping and the earth around us supports us, not try to cook us….

I know hubby doesn’t really like Hawai’i, island living isn’t for everyone, this isn’t my first time… for me, it’s just another place to lay my head, I haven’t called anyplace truly home, in a very long time…

I need to figure out…. Where home is going to be… it’s not where I thought it would be….

We are hopeful, what we did, early on with the kids and grandkids would have a positive impact… instead, we likely enabled their behavior as it continues on today… but we are hopeful, they will all survive, what is coming…. I have my doubts about that….

I don’t know what tomorrow holds, I always thought we would leave here and go to what I called home… I’m finding that is not the case…

I know where I don’t want to live… Florida, Georgia or any other state, stupid enough to support Trump… that leaves a lot of states out there to chose from… All of which I have spent time in, except Maine… an that is way to cold for this kid…

Last night was another night of wild dreaming of the past… when they come at me like this, it doesn’t open up fast… it plays out for a while, because their be a lot to the memory that has to be seen…. so much of it lately, just seems to be the past playing out, with some hiccups along the way… the beatings….

Well enough melancholy…. got exercises to do and chores, before we bake today… we kept AC off yesterday and it was tolerable… hoping for some trade winds today… AC and closed up house, makes for a grumpy me….

Sun is shinning, birds are talking an no bangers… wonder how long that will last???….

Adorable Spite… looking for a forever home…

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