No one asked….

Recent events concerning someone close to us, yet, we knew nothing… or so they thought…

I told hubby last year, before we connected, we had a reason to move home…

I made sure we were included an my suspicions were confirmed…

I then did what we could financially to help stimulate this person an help with their issues….

We have been derided, insulted in the background an still, we try an help….

And the person will no more know it was us than their parents are aware of what we gave up for them….

Because of that exact kind of subterfuge, it made it easy for us to chose our next steps in life….

What is coming will change much an leave many wanting an that knock on the door may well go ignored….

I have said it repeatedly in this blog, your choices impact mine, they always will, but not in the way you hoped…..

Deceit is a christian behavior, a habit hard to shake, when you set out to deceive ….

Relationships are built on trust…. we have so very little of that left, because of your choices…. I have none left…. trust is earned not given….


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