Hawaii Island Cardiologist!!!

He says we didn’t have the virus on the island when we said we got Covid19….

The cardiologist says not possible?!?!?!?

Well last night reminded me of how many test passing doctors that got it wrong about me for over 40 years….

So I told hubby… Who do you trust… The doctor who is psychic or the woman who has laid next to you for 26 years????

Either stand up to the doctor an tell him, prove I haven’t had Covid or when your sorry ass drops dead, first thing I will request thru our lawyer is a biopsy of his heart to prove the doctor is most assuredly not psychic nor clairvoyant an without testing, he has no clue who has had Covid or not!!!!

When doctors refuse to test during a time of pandemic, they are playing god an we have enough psycho christians who are so frigid, sex is a game of cat an mouse an they are the cats that pounce on the innocent…

Enough of humans playing god, they aren’t that smart nor that capable…. so when hubby talks with nurse, he can ask, have you proven I haven’t had COVID an if they say no, then its up to him to fight for his life…. just like you… Open mouth or forever be silent from the grave….

Adorable Spite, the only psychics on earth are man made an full of bull shit….

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